Review: Power Play - Scoring Chances series, #3

Power Play  - Avon Gale

Update October 30:

Listened to the audio book, and bumping my rating up to 4.


*** 3,5 hockey stars ***

I've come to really enjoy this series. I think I'm a hockey fan by now!

This book takes place in another hockey club/team than the other two books in the series. The team, The Spartanburg Spitfires, was the worst team in the league in the other books. A new investor has bought the team and wants to turn it around and hires new coaches, enter Misha Samarin and Max Ashford the main characters of this book. 

I liked that the author chose to set the plot with another team, and that the main characters were coaches, and not players on the team this time around. Otherwise it's similar to the other books, but in its own way. I felt Misha and Max weren't so quirky and fun as the other MCs. I was expecting to enjoy this book the most based on reviews I've read, but it turns out after reading them all that this is my "least" favorite. I didn't feel so connected to Max and Misha, especially Misha. What made the book great was what made the other books great too, the feel of the team and the players, the matches they won and lost, and great secondary characters. I really loved reading about Drake, The Spartanburg Spitfire's goalie. He was a really interesting character. There's an excerpt of book 4 Empty Net at the end, and it was great! I can't wait for the next book! Drake is one of the MCs, and from reading the excerpt it has a lot going for it. 

Since I rated the first book of the series 4 stars and I liked this one just slightly less, I ended on 3,5 stars. Book 2 is my favorite with 4,5 stars.