Unacceptable Behavior (Gay Spanking Erotica)

Unacceptable Behavior (Gay Spanking Erotica) - Misha Horne * 1 star*

This is the worst thing I have EVER read endured!!

The title couldn't have been more fitting. This IS unacceptable behavior! This is an unacceptable book. This is unacceptable period.

Just take a look at my updates below...



Zack unearth a fifth of top shelf whiskey from the duffle bag at his feet (...) He knocked it back grumpily over the next hour, getting half smashed before Sam finally pulled into a fleabag motel (...)

Okay, "a fifth of whiskey" means 750 ml. And he emptied it over an hour? And he was only "half smashed"? He should be dead, or something...?? Apparently not if you're an alcoholic, but STILL!!


When he scooped the laptop up off the table, and threw it against the motel door as hard as he felt like, it was a complete surprise to them both.


That was stupid. He was sure it had been expensive. But, it had definitely gotten Sam's undivided attention. He smirked.


His frustration boiled over, and without planning to, he smacked Zack hard across the jaw.
Stunned, Zack doubled over, grabbing his face and howling in disbelief.
"You bitch! Did you just slap me?"


What was the name of the book again? Oh, yeah! UNACCEPTABLE BEHAVIOR! :-O

What is wrong with you?" Sam hissed "Why do you DO this?"

Well, first: He's DRUNK OFF HIS ASS from downing a whole bottle of whiskey ferchristsake!

"You're acting like a goddamn teenager. And I'm not dealing with a sloppy, selfish kid any more, Zack. This stops now before you do something really stupid.

Uhm.....? Didn't he already do something "really stupid"?

Zack couldn't seem to get his breathing under control. He was panting like a dog (...)

Okay I was going to find a panting dog gif, but came across this one. It made me laugh, and there's nothing left, but laughing about this since it's TERRIBLE!

His heart leaped from his gut to his throat to his balls, rolling around like a marble in a maze.

OMFG! That's the worst description I've ever heard! So ridiculous that I burst out laughing.

image image

He'd taken the belt before, but never from Sam. And never the fuck like this. Getting bent over once a week had been a good week for him growing up.


Not only is this terribly BAD, the constant shifting of POV in the middle of the text makes it really confusing!

Until Sam reached out and stroked his face and Zack nearly cracked in two.

Uhm??? Cracked in two??

I'm not doing this to hurt you, Zack. I'm doing this because I love you."


God, he was going to die. If Sam kept spanking him, he was going to die. And if he stopped... fuck, if he stopped, he was going to die sooner.


Sam undressed quickly, mouth dry as he stared down at Zack, punished and pitiful, welts starting to form, bruises no doubt hiding beneath the bright red skin. The desire to take the pain away collided with the desire to give him more.


They stay layered that way, dazed, until Zack finally spoke.
"You wanna get off me? My ass is killing me."
Sam snapped out of half sleep. "Shit. Sorry." He slid out and off, rolling onto his side next to Zack. He wrapped an arm around his waist, kissed his shoulder gently.

Yeah, like THAT is going to make it alright?!!!!!!