Broken Pieces

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*************WARNING SPOILER ALERT*********
***************and rant alert*************

Sooo, I guess I'm one of the few who does not swoon over this book. *big sigh*

This was both a good and bad read for me. 3 stars was all I could rate it. Why? Read on.

It got that "many" stars, because I really, really liked part one with Josiah and Mateo. It was a beautiful story about two lonely boys/young men who connected sharing a room in a foster home, and found that they filled each others loneliness. The careful apporach, the sweet kisses and how they completed each other. I really liked that they lived in a good foster home. I mean, I liked that the story was about them, not about them being abused in the foster home or anything.

Having read the blurb, I knew that Josiah and Mateo didn't stay together. So their "break-up" was bound to happen, and I get why Mateo did what he did. He was between a rock and a hard place, and he chose to sacrifice him self to "save" Josiah, even though they both got hurt in the process. It was very emotional reading about that.

Mateo was a character I really liked, although the "I can't give you what you deserve"-obsession with physical stuff got on my nerves a bit. I felt bad that Mateo didn't treasure Josiah's love more, that way he could get behind "I have everything I need in you" statements from Josiah.

Part two (Josiah and Tristan)
This is where the story lost my rating.

I'm finding out I'm having a huge problem with stories that span over a long time. In this instanse many (many) years. I did not enjoy the whole "Two years after Mateo", "Three years after Mateo" and "Five and a half year after Mateo". Soo many years going by? I mean, that's a loooooong frikkin' time, okay! Reading about Josiah holding on/holding out was just sad, and a bit uncomfortable.

And then Josiah meets Tristan. Aw gawd. I never really clicked with him, so he ended up irritating me. Basically, I think he was a bastard, he pissed me off for a good portion of the book. Sorry, people... I just couldn't get on board with who he was and how he acted. It was bloody obvious he got (huge) issues, but I wasn't able to sympathize or empathize with him.

And I had problems getting/understanding Josiah and Tristans "relationship", if you can call it that. And again with the time span! They used about six months walking on the beach, barely talking. Then they kissed in November, Tristan freaked and stayed away for several week. Then Josiah had a break down on his birthday December 1st. Tristan found him, and took him back to his house, where Josiah ended up staying in the spare bedroom.

Next it's April and they have barely talked, and have had no more of their walks together. Then, it's suddenly one and a half year later and still nothing has changed!

This is Tristans thoughts "they’d fallen into this strange, almost comfortable life.(...)He kept his distance. There were so many things Josiah didn’t know about him, and never would. They still didn’t walk together, even though Josiah still always went. But they were... friends."
Ehhhh, o-kay?

But still, Tristan is thinking
"in the year and a half that Josiah’d been here had only made the desire, the craving, grow more and more, until it threatened to eat him alive."

So they have lived together for two years, have barely talked OR spent time together, but Tristan desire and crave Josiah. *facepalm*


I think Tristan's a bastard. Want proof?

“I know I don’t have to do this. I want to. I want you.” Josiah said.
Tristan moaned. His cock jerked.(...)Josiah pushed the door open (to his room) and Tristan closed it behind them.
“You unpacked,” Tristan said against his skin.
“Six months go.” But he didn’t want to talk about that. Just wanted to feel. Wanted the heat of another man’s body for the first time in seven years.

What? You have a guy living with you for several years and didn't know he finally unpacked? Yeah they know each other sooo well.

So now they have had sex. Two and a half after they first met, mind you. Things change to the better, huh? Nope.

"Time passed, and it went from three months to two. Then monthly, biweekly. Now, a week didn’t go by that Tristan didn’t visit Josiah’s bed at least once, sometimes more. He fucked him and held him and talked to him in a way he’d never done with anyone. But always, always, he ended the night with a kiss to Josiah’s lips before going to his own bed."

How romantic, huh? But he always kissed Josiah good night. Riiiight. How sweet....

"As the months went on, he stayed there more and more, until one night when Tristan shrugged and said,
“There’s no reason to go to your bed anymore when you almost always end up in mine.”

Can you feel the romance?? Now another year has gone by, by the way. But they are at least sharing a bed now. That's good right?

"Josiah locked his fingers with Tristan’s.
“Everything about me could be your business if you want.”
Jesus, he wanted that. Wanted it so damn much. He didn’t want to be alone. Still, the words were lodged in his throat. He wasn’t sure how to say it.
“I don’t want to push you, Tristan. I know there are reasons you still can’t share, but—”

Arrrrrrrg! It's been three fucking YEARS!!!

This is where part three starts (Josiah, Tristan and Mateo), because Mateo shows up. I can't be bothered to go into more detail about part three, since this is already too long. However, part three was a little bit better due to Mateo and me liking his character *yey*, even though he still has the same issues as before. BUT! Mateo came looking for Josiah for the first time for FIVE -5- FUCKING years ago, but didn't approach him?? ARRRRGG!


**************rant FINALLY over**********

What really saved the book was the incredible last 10%. It started with Mateo and Tristans heart to heart at 90%. I loved that! And I finally felt something was right and Tristan kind of redeemed himself *sigh* *yey*

“Years ago, you thought I was trying to save you, Josiah. I assume the same way you probably thought Teo wanted to save you . You were wrong. It was you who saved me, the same way the two of you saved each other. And now... And now you brought me Mateo, too. I want you both. I love you both.”

I loved the ending

Mateo ran a finger down Tristan’s jaw. “Mi pieza perdida. My missing piece.” And then his hand ran down Josiah’s back. “Mi precioso.”

MELTING!!!!! Awwww!

“We might be broken in so many ways, but together, we’re whole.”

I loved the book from 0 to 30% and from 90% to 100%.

Would I recommend reading it? I honestly don't know. I get that many have loved this book, it just wasn't a very good read for me. You should check out other reviews and see if you want to.


(thank you, and good night.... this took for frikkin' ever Had fun tough ;))