Review: Red Dirt Christmas

Red Dirt Christmas - N.R. Walker

       *** 3,5 sweet but confused stars ***


I finished #3 and wondered if I should read this Christmas short story before or after #4. To find out I naturally read the blurb for this short, and lord and behold there were some serious spoilers in it! I haven't read the fourth book yet, so I got annoyed that major plot points for #4 was spoiled for me reading the blurb!

So here's a recommendation for you: Read this short AFTER you have read #4! I wish I had.
This short is published after the series was finished, so read the series in order according to the publishing dates.

Another reason you should read this AFTER the fourth book is that the story lines don't add up if you read this Christmas short first. Not to spoil to much, there's a huge point made out of Charlie being nervous for "something", and in this short that "something" has already happened, so it didn't make sense. If I had read #4 first it would make more sense.

It's really weird that it is this way.

I liked this story, though, it was sweet. But reading the blurb for it spoiled major plot points for #4, and the story line didn't make sense.
Read it AFTER!