Review: The Darkest Flame

The Darkest Flame (Roadmap to Your Heart Book 1) - Christina Lee

DNF at 25%.


Gawd, the writing was just so weird! The descriptions and dialogue:


"One last glance, his gaze fueled with molten heat. I nearly melted to the ground in a pile of my own come."


Really? Melt in a pile of come??


"If only I could get him out of my brain."


I would think head or mind would be a better word fit.


“Did you not feel my raging hard-on stroking against your groin?”
Smoke momentarily shut his eyes. His hands bunched into fists as if to get a hold of himself. His eyelashes were like golden wings that cast faint shadows on his cheekbones.

I like dirty talk, alright, but this was just comical in my opinion. Erotic (?) dirty talk romanticized with "golden eyelashes?


“You a top or a bottom?” I asked.
A dark look crossed over his features. “A top, man. Always a top. You got a problem with that?”
Damn, there was definitely a story there somewhere. “No problem here,” I said, shrugging. “I would never complain about getting it on with someone as hot as you.”

So, what? You're just fine with whatever because he's so hot? *rolls eyes* Hotness trumps preference?


"As the clocked ticked past midnight"

*wince* Annoying typo!


"my cock lying hard against my thigh."

To the best of my knowledge a hard cock does not lie against a thigh when hard... Semi yes, hard no.


Gah! I can't take anymore of this writing! Bleh.