Review: Come What May

Come What May - A.M. Arthur

** 2,5 unhappy stars **


I'm so disappointing in this book. It started pretty well, and was promising.



But thinks added up in a negative way, and I started to not care about the characters, until something happened, and I got pissed off with it and stopped reading at 60%. So yeah, I'm rating a book I haven't finished, sue me.


The first thing I noticed was the sudden point of view change in the middle of the text. There was nothing to indicate that the other MC was "talking". After a few sentences I was really confused and had to go back an reread, and only then did I understand the POV had changed. I really hate this, because it takes me out of the moment and interrupts my reading. This happened several times.


Tate and Jonas were really hot and cold. It was a bit exhausting.


There was a too sudden change from Jonas literally digging his heels in for having to go to a coffee shop owned by to gay guys to jumping into sex with Tate with both feet. There was a lot of "I'm so not gay" talk and thinking from Jonas, but once he'd "turned that button", he was all in and wanted to have sex all the time. Which they also had. Also everywhere. Don't get me wrong, there weren't abundance of sex scenes, it was more Jonas's thinking that changed.


At this point I wasn't really invested so much in the characters, but I wanted to read on and give this book another chance. Jonas's father was so the stereotypical bad guy. But what really made me put down this book was after Jonas's father decided (for him) that Jonas should attend a set-up date with some friend's daughter, there was a 

fondling and almost blowjob from said girl in the car back from the "date". The girl REALLY wanted to blow him and threatened Jonas that if he didn't let her, she would tell her parents that he forced himself on her. Jonas couldn't get it up, and she was left disappointed. This was while he was dating Tate btw.

(show spoiler)



 Just... no. Ugh. So I stopped reading.