Review: The Terran Gambit - The Pax Humana Saga series #1

The Terran Gambit  - Nick Webb

**** 4 space saga ****


Audio edition, narrator Greg Tremblay.

8 hours 5 minutes


Overall: 4

Performance: 5

Story: 4


Meet Jake "Shotgun" Mercer, the main character. He is a reckless fighter pilot in the Resistance movement of Earth battling the Corsican Empire which expanse over 600 planets trying to force the Pax Humana way of life on everyone. 


Basically, think the Allied forced versus the German Empire in World War 2, with a sprinkling of Battlestar Galactica thrown in, if you're familiar with that.


This is a classic good versus evil, except in space. There's lots of action (pew-pew-pew), things going right (yay!), things going wrong (very wrong), technical talk (*scratches head*), some sexual tension (please, give me more), friendship (*fist bumps*), treachery etc etc. It's like a TV show, with good secondary characters, engaging story and great dialogue.  


The character cast is pretty big, there are a lot of people here, but I didn't feel overwhelmed much thanks to Tremblay's excellent voice cast. I mean, he has a different voice and accent for each of the characters, and he effortlessly flitted between them in dialogue. I'm very impressed!


The point of view shifts between several of the characters. The story also flips back and forth between Jake and the others with the Resistance, and the captain aboard the Imperial ship giving a view of the bad bad guy, the Admiral Trajan who is a brilliant (and madman) tactician who wants to see the Earth Resistance crushed once and for all and no matter the cost.


The story doesn't end on a cliffhanger per se, but it is a story continuing in book 2, Chain of Destiny, so don't expect any solution in this book. 


I highly enjoyed this fast pasted story, brilliantly narrated by Greg Tremblay. He made the book come alive, and I'm very sure I enjoyed the book more because of it. I have the voices of Jake and Anya, Admiral Trajan and all the others is my head now.


On to the second book, Chains of Destiny!