Review: My Busboy

My Busboy - John Inman (Fi


**** 4,5 sweet romance stars ****


"My writer", he said. I smiled, inhaling his scent. "My busboy."


Awww, I really enjoyed this!! I just melted with the bubbling romance between Robert, the writer, and Dario, the busboy.



The instant spark of interest and attraction, but not insta-love, the flirting, the dialogue, the first touches, it was all there. I love reading about all the little things that makes two characters care for each other and fall in love.


Inman's writing is excellent. I'm not an English native speaker. I found myself slowing my reading pace just to enjoy each sentence with descriptions and dialogue.


Speaking of dialogue (heh), it was witty, snarky and full of dry humor that made me smile, grin and laugh several times. 


"Something about this busboy worked on me like a pair of jumper cables. Even my pecker was beginning to take notice. I could feel it stirring around inside my trousers, getting all hopeful, not quite swelling up with enthusiasm yet, but clearing the veins and capillaries just in case swellage became necessary. Sort of like a ship blowing the soot out of its stacks in preparation for heading out to sea."


I mean... 


Robert and Dario's dialogue was also incredibly sweet. Gah! I enjoyed everything about these guys. 



While the romance between Robert and Dario takes up much of the story, there is also a mystery element to the book. Robert has a stalker. There were only a few suspects, but I was still surprised (and sad) when it was all revealed.


There is also Clutch, Robert's grumpy cat.



I had a small niggle with Robert feeling SO old when he just turned 30. Thirty is not old! I'm five years older than old, then.


This is a perfect book if you want the sweetest romance with no angst, relationship-wise anyway, with a tad of mystery to make it interesting.