Review: High Concept

High Concept - Whitley Gray

*** 3 good, but long stars ***


This is a "cat and mouse" based story, where the investigation of the case is in forefront and the romance second. There are several POVs, including both main characters and the bad guy. I liked the change of POV, it made the story interesting and the mystery intriguing, but not terribly exciting.


To use an analogy to describe the story, it read as an sturdy and solid no-nonsense car, who takes some bumps along the road/story, but it takes the bumps and keeps going anyway. It was okay to "drive" in the beginning, but it got tiresome. Not exactly boring, but it didn't make me exciting to continue to journey either. I felt the book was too long. There were too many descriptions, which were okay, but there were too many of them when they added up. The book was over 300 pages, and my personal opinion is fifty pages could easily have been cut, to make the story more tight and better flowing. To make it a faster and more interesting car to "drive".


I feel the story started out as a possible 4 star rating, then morphing into 3,5. I got a bit disappointed towards the ending and how it all went down. It was eyeroll inducing since the MC had an misunderstanding which could easily have been avoided, but resulted it the showdown with the killer. The main characters were very frustrating!


So 3 stars it is. Intriguing and good mystery/crime, but a bit too long. Frustrating MCs made for eyerolling events towards the end. But the ending was good, but a bit abrupt.