Review: All in a Day's Work, an anthology

All in a Day's Work - Holly O. Hale, Jenni Michaels, Amy Jo Cousins, Therese Woodson, Bru Baker, Henrietta Clarke, Kay Walker, Shae Connor

Extra Mayo by Henrietta Clarke - 3,5 stars

3,5 stars for the office worker meeting the sandwich delivery guy. Not much is explained in terms of back story and such in this story, but love is self explanatory, yes? It was cute.


Ice Cream Dreams by Shae Connor - 2,5 stars

Meh. Too much description of food. Way to insta romance. And half the story business talk with one of the MC's uncle. I initially thought 3 stars, but having read the whole anthology, I'm downrating to 2 stars. Some of the ice creams, though, I would have liked to have tasted.


My OTP by Bru Baker - 4 stars

Dirty and hot with an übercute ending that warmed by heart. 


Not Quite 1776 by Therese Woodson - 3,5 stars

Even though I studied history at uni, American history is not my strong suit. So all the references and the reenactment setting was lost on me. Still, Owen was a doll and the story was written well, also the sex scenes. A bit of an abrupt ending, but an hopeful one. I liked it.


Unmasked by Kay Walker - 3,5 stars

I would have loved to have read this story as a full novel getting more details of this dystopian future, and of Raven and Glitch. As a short it does pretty well, but it's a pretty big setting to get into just a few pages. I really like spy games and stealth, and I loved the the face mask gadget. 


The Bet by Holly O. Hale - 3 stars

A married couple and business partners spice things up at work and in the boardroom, making it hard to concentrate. Heh. It was basically a porn scene without much characterization.  


Dance Hall Days Amy Jo Cousins - 4 stars

Loved the story of the young effeminate singer and drag queen Laurie and "his" big, gruff brawler, Frank. It was set in London in the 1930. I connected with them both. Great characterization. It just goes to show how great a short story can be if done right! I would have loved a more wrapped up ending, though. On the other hand, I liked that it left me making up my own continuation in my mind. I made it a happy one.


Short Timer by Jenni Michaels - 2 stars

It's bad for a story that I have to look it up to remember what it was about when writing the review, right? So, yeah. This was an unforgettable short story about a car salesman and a potential "customer". There was some hotness, but the twist just kinda made it a stupid story.