Review: How to Train Your Dom in 5 Easy Steps

How to Train Your Dom in Five Easy Steps - Josephine Myles

**** 4,5 Sir Bastard stars ****



Jeff is newly single after his fourteen year old relationship with his girlfriend ended. They got together young, and was the only relationship, in every way, Jeff has ever had. Being an free agent after so many years, he's eager to act on the feelings he's suppressed for a long time, since his ex girlfriend definitely wasn't interested in his dominating and sadistic inclination. Jeff wants a submissive, one he can dominate and inflict pain on. He wants someone experienced who can show him the ropes, so to speak.


All his life he has heard he has got to be a M-A-N, an expectation especially from his father. Pleasing his father, clashes with what Jeff really wants. Jeff loves working with gardening, nurturing plants and flowers instead of working with brick and mortar which is his day to day job. Because a MAN has to have a hard labor's work, right? And like pussy, right? Definitely not some fancy posh gardening stuff, according to his father.


Jeff has had some problems getting submissive willing to work with him, though. They were willing enough in the beginning, due to his big, burly and gruff build and demeanor, but ever since "the incident" he hasn't had much luck. Jeff's good friend, Niall, wants to help him finding his footing and confidence as a Dom. Well, he gets talked into suggesting an idea by Eddie. Why not try a male sub?


"I think Niall's already mentioned my offer to you."

Jeff folded his arms. "He has. And I told him where you could shove it."

"Excellent. I can see you're thinking about anal play already."


Eddie is an easy going, bratty, and most importantly, an experienced sub, looking for a Dom to submit to, but also control him and keep him in place. Eddie is a handful, and a masochist.


"... I don't want speaking unless I'm doing something wrong or dangerous. You got that?"

"I hear you, Sir, but you should probably know I'm fairly disobedi-ow!"

Jeff had flicked the flogger harder this time."


He wants a sadist Dom who can give him the pain he covets. Seeing Jeff for the first time he know Jeff can give it to him. Jeff on the other hand wants someone to show him the ins and outs, so they could help each other out. It's just, Jeff is straight. One-hundred-percent, never-gonna-happen straight. Right? 


Eddie promises to tutor Jeff in all things BDSM-y through five sessions, starting with Jeff wanting to spank, whip, cane and more Eddie's ass, and Eddie can't bend over fast enough.



They find they are very compatible. Except for the gay thing.


"Was it possible for your dick to be gay, even if the rest of you wasn't?"


Slowly, but surely Eddie gets Jeff to try new things, and Jeff finds he enjoys them, and Eddie. A lot. The sessions increases in hotness, but also in feelings.  



I loved both Jeff and Eddie's, and their interactions! I loved being inside Jeff's mind, his thoughts and struggles trying to find himself and his Dom-self. I loved the quick change that came over Jeff when he "went Dom". He went from awkward and a little lost due to inexperience, to BAM!, dominating Eddie's ass and putting him in his place. He really had the Dom thing down! In the beginning I had a little problem with Jeff using names like "bitch" and "slut" when referring to Eddie, when he was submitting. However, as I got to know Jeff and Eddie, it fitted, so I wasn't bothered by it anymore. Eddie is fun, and he really enjoyed submitting to Eddie. I loved being inside his head too. 


Josephine Myles's writing is excellent, and she manages to capture the essence of Jeff and Eddie and show it through her description and dialogue. 


There was a sweet epilogue too. I'm not usually fond of epilogues, preferring to make up my own future for the characters, unless the epilogue fits. And it really did here! I loved meeting up with on last romp with the guys before I left them.


All the love for Sir Bastard and Eddie!


"You total fucking bastard."

"That's Sir Bastard to you."



Just one question, though. Dick-swirled beer? That's... that's a thing?


Thanks to Marco for the BR.