Review: Not Safe For Work

Not Safe For Work - L.A. Witt

*** 3 not really NSFW stars ***


The start of this book was great when the two MCs match up through the kinky app. The tension and the excitement was almost palpable. Their first kiss in the parking structure was hot, also them falling into bed and find that they are very compatible. 


Jon and Rick develops their relationship, but they don't really get kinky until about 60% in. I was surprised of the lack of actual kinky scenes, since I feel the book promises so. There was a lot of talk and thinking on Jon's part about all the things he wanted to do do Rick, but they didn't really get to it. I chucked it up to them taking it slow, since they really didn't know each other, even though they "clicked" instantly. But on their third(?) meeting, Jon invites Rick to his dungeon at his house, and I mentally rubbed my hands together and thought there was going to be some "action". Rick steps through the door and is ordered on his hands and knees by Jon, and then Jon says he can't wait and they just fucks right inside the door without even doing anything. There were several of these instances of promised kink that fell through. And when it did happen, it was all in. Jon went straight for a fuck machine, kink party and hot wax. So there really wasn't anything inbetweens for these guys. The bdsm was all or nothing it seems.


Even when they did the fuck machine and hot wax I would characterize the kink in this for mild. There wasn't anything heavy at all. I didn't quite feel them. I think it has something to do with Rick being kinda flat as a character. I felt I knew Jon's work team and his good friend Teagan much more, than Rick as a main character. Which is a shame. Also in every dom scene, Jon "shivered" and Rick "shuddered", or wise versa. These two words were so overused. I'm not one to usually notices repetitive things, but....



"He shivered as I let him go."


"I suppressed a shiver and reached for his cheek."


"He shivered, laying his arms over the top of mine."


“You ask so nicely. I like that.” He shivered."


"Rick squirmed, as if he were trying and failing not to shiver."


"Rick dropped his gave and shuddered hard."


"Another shudder ran through him, and he tightened around me as goose bumps rose along his spine."


"..and he shuddered, clenching around me."


"Not even a second later, a full-body shudder rocked him."



How about some synonyms, or something at least. There are other things to bdsm/domination scene to just reacting with a shiver or a shudder.


I got bored hearing about Jon's work and his models. Some had been fine, but it too got repetitive. Also the meetings. And the descriptions of cracking knee joints.


On the positive side, though. Witt can write kissing scenes like nobody's business!



She also writes really hot sex scenes. And I liked how Jon and Rick communicated and talked. I just wish I had gotten to know Rick more. What actually made him tick? To me he just shivered and shuddered to everything Jon said and did.


The blurb talks about Jon's work place finding out about them. I felt this ruined the book for me a little too, knowing this from the blurb. I expected them to be found out about on several occasion. I was so in knots about it, and when it did happen at the infamous

75% mark (on the dot), I was so disappointed in how it went down. Really, Jon, kissing where you knew there were video cameras? 

(show spoiler)


In short, an okay story, but not very memorable. It was too long, too much talking and not so much doing, lots of repetition in words (*shudders*) and actions (Jon's work). There are good points too, though. Experiencing Jon and Rick getting to know one another, talking, hanging out and (kinda) doing scenes was sweet. Jon work colleagues were a laugh. I enjoyed all the scenes with them and their ribbing of each other. 


"And you've had your nose in that model all day long but haven’t once noticed the massive gay Lego orgy going on in the center of the main conference room.” I blinked.

“A Lego orgy?”

“Yes. A huge one.”

She released an exasperated sigh and rolled her eyes. “Scott and I spent ten whole minutes getting three of them into a proper Lucky Pierre position, and you didn't even notice. I’m insulted. I really am.”


Recommended? Mmm... maybe, but not for the BDSM and the kink aspect, but for relationship and great kissing scenes, sure!