Review: Boystown, Season 1

BOYSTOWN, Season One - Jake Biondi

*** 3,5 daytime drama stars ***


"He's moved on," Logan admitted, "and I intend to as well."

"Yes, he's moved on with my ex-fiancé."


LOL! Can anyone say drama?




This reads like a daytime soap opera, complete with seasons instead of book numbers, episodes instead of chapters, and all the ridiculousness that comes with dramalama tv shows! There are a LOT of people, and everyone is connected to everyone. Everyone starts out with someone, but are together with someone else at the end. They toss I love yous and engagements rings around like candy.



The writing is mostly dialogue. Who talks like that? Or get to say all the things they say (see quote at the top)? It's so great. I couldn't help but indulge!



Utterly ridiculous. Utterly enjoyable!