Review: Boystown, Season 4 (and 5)

BOYSTOWN, Season Four - Jake Biondi

**** 4 still soap opera stars ****


It's been a few days since I finished reading this series, only getting to reviewing now.


I'm taking a leaf out of these books, and cheat, reviewing both Season 4 and 5 in one. I hope I won't get shot, thrown off a balcony, get cheated on, exploded, kidnapped, poisoned, run over by a car, passenger in an airplane crash, stabbed, loose the feeling in my feet, go blind, get pregnant, miscarry, engaged, married, no wait, that (almost) never happens.


"Well, I try to live drama free."

"See how long that lasts now that you're in Boystown."


(this is the old cover. The new one is prettier, but this, I think, shows of the overwhelmingly number of hot and perfect guys in Boystown. LOL)


It might be soap opera 101, but I'm still impressed with Biondi's ability to continue weaving an intricate net of characters and story lines, with lies, deceit, cheating, love, engagements, pregnancies etc, that shifts continuously! And continues to surprise, frustrate, eye roll, and love. You can get dizzy, though.



Biondi's stories are like a drug. You can't help but get drawn in, get involved, and crave more. I think the seasons are getting better too. I recon is has something to do with this series starting out as online shorts, where he wrote and posted an episode (chapter) gradually, but then the readers wanting more, so the episodes evolved into books, hence getting more, I don't know, fluidity (?) to the stories. He's actually inspired by Charles Dickens whose novels were originally released in installments, each ending in a cliffhanger to keep readers coming back for more.



He definitely manages that! Biondi is the king of cliffhangers! All the season have ended in huge cliffhangers, with season 5 may have been the biggest one!



Can't wait for Season 6 to be published, which is supposed to be soon! 




 Thanks to Julie and Marco for the buddy read!