I've listened to 50% of Tough Love

Tough Love - Heidi Cullinan

So, I can understand someone identifying as a sadist, a masochist or a pain slut. They get off on it. Steve says sex without pain is like food without taste. While Chenco is a newbie and have no idea if any of this is his deal or not. Looking through the contract Steve wants Chenco to sign...


"Are you serious? This is a contract about sex?

Steve went tense and rigid. "I told you, I play rough. I want things very clear between us. No surprises, no one upset."

Chenco felt plenty upset right now. "I thought this shit was only in those kinky romance novels."


"I won't hurt you, not beyond what you want, but first I have to know what the breaking point is."

This was crazy. But when Chenco turned to Steve, ready to argue, he got a good look at the frayed edges of the man's control and stopped.

Look on the bright side. You'll be getting sex. With a sigh, Chenco picked up the paper. "All right, Papi. Lay it out for me."


This I don't get exactly. "Look on the bright side, you'll be getting sex"? It sounds like Chenco goes through the contract just because he really wants to have sex with Steve, but to get it he has to do the contract since Steve doesn't do sex without pain which equals contract. How about crawl before you walk, walk before you run? Not, do this or I won't have sex with you.