Review: Playing for Keeps

Playing for Keeps - Avery Cockburn

**** 4 Unity stars ****


"It's you I love, ya big numpty."

John turned Fergus's chin to look at him. "I love you."


What a great book! And more than just a sports themed story. The setting is in Scotland and portrays the issue of the animosity between Protestant and Catholics. And also how each religion is in every layer of a divided society, all the way down to what soccer team you root for. This is in addition to the challenges over being gay, and playing for an all LGBT soccer team.


The story is hopeful, though, and has most focus on building bridges and form unity.


The two MCs are Fergus and John. Fergus is a player and captain on the soccer team, and John is working for a organization who wants the soccer team to join a football match for LGBT charity. Fergus and John comes from two different worlds, but the sports unite them. They're romance was beautiful. The writing was excellent. The sex scenes were fabulous. I loved the Scottish language, which it was just enough of so it was interesting, and not to much so I didn't understand what the heck they were saying. Except this line by John's mother:


"Who gie ye aw this angst, ma wee lad? Ye were ne'er sae dour when ye were a wean."


But it was cool to read, and after a few tried I got what she was saying!


I feel I learned something from this story! I'm impressed with the author painting a complex picture of especially John's, family. How John is battling with his father and brother. How John battles with himself because he wants his father approval, but it really goes against what he has come to believe for himself. I liked the added side story about John's brother, Keith, too. It added more "realness" to the story.


All in all, a very great read!



Thanks to Nathan and Marco for the buddy read!