Review: Play on (Glasgow Lads #0.5)

Play On: A Glasgow Lads Novella - Avery Cockburn

*** 3,5 pride stars ***


The whistle blew, and the game began. On the pitch, the Warriors took control of the ball, playing for nothing but pride. But when all was said and done, Duncan knew, pride was the only thing that mattered.


The blurb is spot on for the story, so I'm not going to say much in relation to story. It's about Duncan, a player on the all LGBT soccer team in Glasgow, Scotland, and his classmate/flatmate, Brodie.


I liked how they got together. Again, I should say, since the first time they really got together they had a drunk makeout session with a bit of an unfortunately outcome. When they meet again later, they would eventually since they're classmates and flatmates, the interest that ignited is still there. It was sweet how Duncan and Brodie kinda bonded over Duncan caring for Brodie when he was sick. I found it amusing that they both knew the truth about the incubation period, but kept it for themselves just so they could spend more time together.


I liked the conflict, or rather difference, between Duncan and Brodie's background. Brodie having grown up in a small village where he absolutely had to hide the fact that he was gay, where as Duncan's parents actually threw him a coming-out party. I totally understood Brodie's old fear of bullies and bullying, and how that colored his reactions to some of Duncan's actions. I liked how things got resolved, and how Brodie took control and faced his fears, with Duncan's support.


This novella that takes place before the events in #1 Playing for Keeps. I read this after reading #1, so I was already familiar with the setting with the soccer team and it's players including Duncan. It was nice to see John and Fergus, the MCs of book 1. I was pleasantly surprised that it was Brodie who actually came up with the idea of the charity match, and suggested it to his friend, John, who brings it up with Fergus, the captain of the soccer team. This is the start of Playing for Keeps. Both Duncan and Brodie, are mentioned in #1, but they're just on the periphery.  


Thanks to Nathan and Marco for the BR.