Review: Playing to Win

Playing to Win - Avery Cockburn

**** 4,5 grand stars ****


"I cannae leave you." He pressed his lips to Andrew's ear. "I need you."


"You can't win me back." Andrew swallowed to keep from choking on his tears. "You can't win back what you never lost."


What a grand story! I don't think I've ever used the word grand before describing a book, but this really was. I'm very impressed with the author with how she managed to make this book about so many subjects, the biggest being politics, but still make it a great romance!


Colin is from "the bottom" of society, and Lord Andrew is from "the top". They are very different, have very different opinions and values, they were raised differently. They're basically from opposite worlds. Still, they find common ground and fall in love, even though the road to get there is filled with bumps.


The setting for this story is the Scottish referendum for independence taking place in September, 2014. As Cockburn says in her post script:


(...) the referendum was more than background for the story. It was the story. Yes or No, "indyref" would change the lives of modern-day Scots--especially young Scots like Colin and Andrew, brand-new adults still searching for their place in the world. (...) 

Though Colin and Andrew are fictional characters, all historical details in this book are accurate to the best of my knowledge.



So not only are the two main characters from opposite sides of the society, but they're also on opposite sides of Scottish independence. And they're not alone either, since they both experience pressure from their own "worlds".



What I really loved about this story was how much the story (and the characters) developed and progressed. Looking back on the start of the book now, it started out as an ordinary/normal opposite attracts story, but it turned into something much more grander. I'm really in awe. The story of Colin and Andrew was so much deeper than what I had expected! And I also learned something. I felt I got a deeper look into Scotland, and its people.


The book felt so real. So honest. So, well grand. Even though the results of the referendum is know, Cockburn still managed to do a spin on it, and surprise and awe me.



Colin and Andrew are the best!

Highly recommended!


Oh, and kilts. ;)