Review: The Weight of it All

The Weight Of It All - N.R. Walker

**** 4 finding one's self stars ****


This was a nice, fluffy, slow build, romance with a touch of steam, and lots of humor in the form of verbal diarrhea from Henry, the main character. It was heartwarming and charming.


A few niggles in the sense of Reed laughing to everything Henry said. It got a bit repetitive, but not annoying. Henry's first person point of view, with his over-dramatic internal thoughts and external dialogue, made me view Reed from a bit of a distance. Coupled with his kind of repetitive reaction to Henry he felt a bit one dimensional, at least in the beginning. Reed emerged little by little as Henry got to know him.


I liked how Walker showed that stigma goes both ways. Henry had his issues and struggles, Reed has his own, just kinda the opposite of Henry's, but still issues.


I loved the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter references. LOL

Henry's first time on the elliptical machine:


"He [Reed] chuckled and hit start. Fuck. It was like holding two ski stocks or two Gandalf staffs. Thou shall not pass was too bloody right. I'd never make it in Middle Earth because two minutes on this frickin' machine almost killed me. Fuck going to Mordor. I couldn't even go around the block."



I really enjoyed this! Recommended.


Thanks to Tara for the buddy read.