Review: David, Renewed.

David, Renewed - Diana Copland

**** 4,5 handyman stars ****


Is it really stupid to say I'll miss you?" Jackson favored him with another sweet smile. "Not when I'm going to be missing you too."


Aww, these guys! This story!



It was so good, and solid. Reading it just gave me a warm feeling all over.


David finds his boyfriend cheating on him, and on a bit of a whim he falls in love with a house and buys it without much thought to it. Also so he won't have to live in a hotel. It's pretty clear that the house has got problems, enter Jackson, the handyman. He was great, and swoonworthy.


The story is about David "renewing" himself. Finding himself again after being put down a lot, basically being a doormat in his relationship with his ex. I wonder what David ever saw in Trevor, and how in the world they could have been together for five years(!). The ex is a secondary character throughout the book, and world class


This book gave me a warm fuzzy feeling when reading it. I really enjoyed reading about Jackson's groups of friend helping Jackson and David with the house. David's friend and assistant at work, Michael were also great. Basically all the secondary characters where solid, likable and well written. I'd love to read these guys's stories, and see they get their own happy endings. Michael's stunt with the Snicker bars was just hilarious!


I loved that this book was a really slow burn. The steam level is low, but when a kiss, and later a sex scene happens, it's just all the more wonderful and special! 

That first kiss!!! I think it was one of the best kisses I've read in a while.



I really liked the reason and history behind Jackson's tattoo. It had a very emotional background in history, and Jackson's ancestry. Kudos to the author to make this reference, and using that symbol. I also really liked how it was "used" so to speak.


I have one small niggle with the story. (plot spoiler)

Who wrecked David's car?? And Jackson's, for that matter? It really didn't say it was Trevor, since he seemed so surprise when confronted with it. Was it just a random hate crime? It was a loose thread left unsettled when I finished reading.

(show spoiler)


Thanks to Marco for the buddy read!