Review: A Sip of Rio

A Sip of Rio - Teodora Kostova

**** 4 Rio de Janeiro stars ****


I promised you a sunset over Rio de Janeiro," Liam said. (...) "Here it is."




Liam and Blaine were characters I really enjoyed. I liked the reason for why they met up, and went on the trip to Rio together. I liked Blaine's easygoing nature, and quick smile. Liam was a sweetheart, adorable with his curls.


I loved how Rio de Janeiro was like a secondary, or almost main "character" of the book. The descriptions and feel of this big city made me want to go there myself. It's clear the author loves this city, and it shines through to the reader!


I loved Blaine and Liam in Rio. Their sightseeing and activities. It really made me feel the city. I loved their blossoming romance. They were so good together. The kissing scene, and sex scenes were awesome. The author knows how to write a great sex scene!



+++++++++++ slight spoilers ahead ++++++++++++++++


I have a niggle with Blaine not telling Liam about his bisexuality. I get that Blaine didn't want to put pressure on Liam to have a romantic holiday when they didn't know each other that well. What I didn't like was that I felt Blaine didn't tell Liam, at the same time as he relentlessly flirted with Liam, and constantly calling him "babe". I felt it was a confusion for Liam, that I didn't like. The story is so warm, happy and feel-good, the slight angst/issue this caused was unnecessary, and put me off.


I didn't like Liam's reaction to Blaine when he told him his feelings, how he shut him down after the wonderful time the had together. I liked the idea Blaine came up with, but I don't understand why it had to be the travel blog or no relationship at all. Why couldn't they have continued their relationship when they got back instead and see how things went from there? They met several times before they went, so I don't understand why they couldn't have just talked about dating and taken the idea of the travel blog from there. I get why Liam balked at the idea, it's a huge decision.

The grand gesture was totally swoon worthy!



The meaning of the balloon was totally fitting! It didn't bother me that it was Blaine who wooed Liam, after all Liam reached out first, didn't he? However, Blaine wooed Liam with shoving him he was serious about the travel blog. I don't get why the travel blog had to be entwined with their HEA. Also, the puppy? How can you with good conscience surprise someone with getting a dog, when their plans are to travel all over the world for their blog being their job? Poor doggie. :-/



++++++++++++++++ slight spoilers finished ++++++++++++++++



In all, though, this was a wonderful read. The writing was great! And Rio was even greater! I loved this warm breath of summer reading this story in cold October.



A review copy was given to me by the author.



Thanks to Susan for the buddy read!