Review: Into You

Into You - Jay Northcote

*** 3 literally into you stars ***


I liked it. Unfortunately, it didn't wow me as I thought it would after all the great reviews and high ratings.


I had a break from reading it halfway, and picked it up days later and finished.


It was a bit confusing to keep up with who was actually who, and I had to constantly remind myself. For instance when Scott was "talking", reading his POV, I had to continually chant for myself, "Scott in Olly's body, Scott in Olly's body" When Olly was in the scene, the chanting intensified. Scott in Olly's body, Olly in Scott's body, Olly in Scott's body, Scott in Scott's body... Wait, what, no that last one was wrong,wasn't it? See what I mean? I think it exhausted me.


It was a cute story, and a great plot. Maybe it was just me and my mood this time. I don't know. But three stars it is.