Review: Torch (Unbreakable #3)

Torch (Unbreakable Bonds Series Book 3) - Rinda Elliott, Jocelynn Drake

*** 3,5 indecisive stars ***



I was curious to see how Rowe's story would play out, due what happened in the last book. You don't just bounce back from something like that. I was afraid that it would impact this book a great deal. And it did.


I think the writing is great in this series. The dialogue is quick and witty, or it can be serious and heartfelt. I feel the authors does the characters and their world justice. I feel fully emerged in the plot. I also love that each book continues to harbor past main characters, and that there's a continuing plot in the series. The books have to be read in order. They are not standalone. 


I really enjoyed the first 60-ish % of the story. It's been a while since I read the two previous books, so it took me a few pages to catch up with everyone and remember who was who. 


Rowe and Noah danced around each other. Or better said, Noah was standing still trying to keep a hold of Rowe, while he danced away or out of reach. There was so much push and pull in this book! 



I wasn't bothered by it at the beginning, but when Rowe once again ran away from Noah, after throwing a major hissy fit over socks of all things, I just started feeling sorry for Noah. I got that the socks where just a small thing representing something bigger, it was just heartbreaking to watch how the stupid socks scene affected Noah.



Noah just gave and gave, and took it when Rowe retreated. The build up and smexy scenes were hot, and very well written. But Rowe annoyed me after a while. Poor Noah is so in love, he just can't keep away.


You’re a fucking drug. I can’t say no to you.[Noah]


It's hard to write/read a book that deals with what Rowe is going through. I'm not sure it could have been written another way since that's how the story goes. But I do know that I would have preferred Mel (big plot spoiler for #2!)

NOT dying in the previous book.

(show spoiler)


And what is up with this series and it's female characters? I mean, (big spoilers!)

one (big) secondary female character has been killed in a car crash, one betrays them all, and the last one an arsonist, and she gets dead too! What the heck? 



No room for female characters?? All that is left is the mother in laws, who, for once, are awesome in this series. LOL

(show spoiler)



I was dithering between 3 and 4 stars, so I ended up with 3,5. I really like this series, the characters and the over all plot. I think this book was good, I just wish I'd believe in Rowe and Noah's "I love yous" a little bit more, and would have rated it higher if I did.


I'm dying for Ian and Hollis's book, though! There was such a brief (but scorching) scene with those two! I want more.


Thanks to the awesome ladies, Susan, Elsbeth, Karljin and Wendy for the buddy read! 

I did finish last again due to my turtle speed (which is just slang for effing RL getting too much in the way).