Review: Where there's Smoke (Panopolis series #1)

Where There's Smoke - Cari Z.

*** 3 could have been much better stars ***


An intriguing premise of a story that fell short on delivering. 


The character description is lacking. The blossoming romance sucks. There is no relationship development due to a shitty time jump of ONE YEAR! 


Me, in every story with (untimely. heh) time jump:



The two main characters basically meet, and then in one page or so, a year had passed and they are a "happy couple".


I hate (see above) time jumps. They take me out of the story and I loose my relation with the characters which I barely got in the first place, since the story just started. 


The stalky Hero annoyed me, and his nosy grandmother.


The ending saved the story in my opinion. I think I'm too generous with 3 stars, but I liked the premise of this story, it's certainly original, and I liked the end as a setup for the sequel. 


I've already read #2 Where There's Fire before writing this review, so don't let this lukewarm review discourage you to continue.


Thanks to Marco for the BR!