Review: Where There's a Will (Panopolis series #3)

Where There's A Will - Cari Z.

This was the third and last installment in the Panopolis series. It was also the only full novel length story. This one featuring a secondary story from #1 and #2.


I was looking forward to reading about Craig Haney aka the Hero "Freight Train". He hasn't been very likable in the other stories, but he redeemed himself at the end of #2, so I wondered how his story would go.


Craig accidentally came by his powers seven years ago, when he got some liquid spilled on him that changed him in a way that he got a force field around his body. Not like a round bubble, but close to his skin. Nothing can touch him through his force field. His clothes he has to wear on top of it. He wears cloths like normal, but he can't feel them on him. He also can't feel simple things like, his mattress or pillow lying down, or touch from other people, they only feel the buzzing of his shield. Being impenetrable also means he cannot take physical damage, from say explosions, fire, or bullets. Pretty handy when he's a Hero battling Villains as a job.


Of course, since the shield is pretty much impenetrable from outside force, it is also impenetrable for anything going out of it too. Like, pee, poop and, yes, cum. Cue catheter, enema and mostly dry orgasms, since if he does uhm, shoot, he has to go to the clinic to get cleaned up by the staff. So yeah, his force field didn't really give me the sexy feels. Real issues for him, though, just not sexy.


I had so much sympathy for Craig. Having a force field might sound cool, but in reality it really isn't. In addition to the drawbacks I mentioned above, if for instance, his clothes gets disintegrated during Villain battling, like in a fire or something, he's suddenly naked. Unharmed, but naked in public.


There's a new scientist, Dr. Ari Mansourian, working for the corporation that manages all the Heroes, and he seems genuinely interested in both Craig, and helping him. I liked Ari, he was very thoughtful of Craig, and showed much compassion that Craig hasn't experienced much of from GenCorps. As a love interest, he was a bit, I don't know, flat? I didn't feel much chemistry between them. I'm not sure whether or not Craig got interested in Ari as a person, or as a person showing Craig kindness? They did have some sweet scenes, though, and the romance is there, and I'm very happy the two of them got their happily ever after. Very happily ever after. ;)


There were several secondary characters I would have liked to give a big smack, though. Mr. Fabulous, and his inflated ego, Craig's greedy manager, but also Craig's grandmother since she continually put Craig down, and even smacked him with her purse once because she was disappointed by him, when what she should have been considerate and supportive.


All in all, this installment was okay. It didn't wow me, but I was satisfied with the end.


Thanks to Marco for the BR!