Review: A Family for Christmas

A Family for Christmas - Jay Northcote

**** 4,5 enjoyable stars ****


"I'd like to try loving you, if you'll let me?"


This was soooo sweet! It gave me all the warm fuzzy feels!


Rudy has got a crush on the new guy at work, Zac. When Rudy realize Zac plans to be alone for Christmas he invites him home to celebrate with Rudy and his family.



Rudy's family is large, boisterous, fun, and accepting. I loved the scenes where they played games! Rudy and Zac, poses as boyfriends to not disappoint Rudy's mother. I loved how there was actual flirting in this story! Tentative touches, hand holding, and sweet kisses! Gah, it was adorable.


Recommended for a fluffy Christmas read, with a joyous family feel, and a sweet romance!



Thanks to Susan for the BR!