Review: Ranger Station Haven

Ranger Station Haven (2016 Advent Calendar - Bah Humbug) - Catherine Stovall;Cecilia Clark;Amanda Gatton;Robert Craven;Samantha Ketteman;Emma Michaels;Faith Marlow;Nina Stevens;Andrea Staum;Zoe Adams;S.J. Davis;D. Dalton

**** 4 ranger stars ****


Aww, this was sweet and funny! I really liked this one.


Carter and Owen are fellow rangers, and also boyfriends. Owen loves Christmas, and is a jolly fellow. Carter is the grumpy one.


"You want a cup of hot chocolate?"

"We're rugged outdoorsmen," I called back. "Rugged outdoorsmen drink coffee, not hot chocolate."


He doesn't like fuzz. He doesn't like Christmas. Nor kids. Carter gets his hands full when he and Owen have to rescue a group of runaway kids in the woods.


I love how Carter interacted with the kids. I love the descriptions, and dialogue.


A recommended (Christmas) read!