Review: Wrapped Together

Wrapped Together  - Annabeth Albert

*** 3,5 finally together stars ***


Aww, this was really nice. The writing flowed, the story was nice, and I liked both main characters. AND I didn't choke on the few flashbacks, I usually hate, in the story either, so yay me.


Hollis and Sawyer are a bit opposites attracts story. Hollis is careful, kind of stuck up, and a introvert, whilst Sawyer is the happy, outgoing type. They're long time friends since their teenage years. They both have a twin sibling. Hollis and his twin sister Cher. Sawyer and his twin brother Tucker. They became friends while they were all teenagers, bonding on them all being twins. Cher and Tucker is married, and Hollis and Sawyer have danced around each other for years, the attraction between them never coming to fruition until now.


There's also a bit of melancholy to the story, since Hollis and Cher's parents died a couple of years ago at Christmas time, and Hollis is still struggling with his grief of their passing. He doesn't like the Christmas time because of it. Sawyer decides to try get Hollis out of his funk, and also act on their attraction.


I was really rooting for Hollis and Sawyer, and was happy to see them finally happy together. There's also a very light sprinkling of kink to the story, nothing really big, just slightly there. It added a nice touch.