Review: Plaid versus Paisley - Fabric Hearts #2

Plaid versus Paisley - K.C. Burns

Plaid versus Paisley is the second book in the series Fabric Hearts. The first one, Tartan Candy, was published early 2016.


Dallas Greene shows up at his (half)brother’s house asking for help. He hasn't seen, or spoken to his brother much these last years, but have come to him as a bit of last resort. Dallas is out of a job, out of health, out of a boyfriend, and out of supportive parents. Everything has crashed down around him recently, and he desperately turns to Stephen for help. Stephen receives him with open arms, and sets him up with a job as a computer specialist in his porn studio company, Idyll Fling. His technical/computer specialist, Will Dawson, is overworked trying to keep Idyll Fling up and running online. He’s desperate for help, even if he has refused to hire more help, since he’s a bit of a control freak. Will and Dallas share a history from their previous work place. Will believes Dallas is the reason Will lost his job back then, so he’s harboring resentful feelings towards Dallas, and think Dallas is “back to haunt him”. They didn’t mingle, so they don’t really know each other, but they’ve both have nurtured crushes and attraction towards each other since then.


Plaid versus Paisley is an enemies-to-lovers story. Will and Dallas butt heads from the day Dallas starts work. The attraction is plentiful for both, but they hate each other at the same time. There is a fine line between love and hate, isn’t it? I found some of the situations funny since they are so obviously attracted to each other, but refuse to act on it. I enjoyed their bickering and head butting, and how Dallas kept pushing Will’s buttons just to get a reaction, but also because Will was being a bit of a jerk. I admired Dallas perseverance to wear Will down, and get him so see Dallas as a person, and not as an enemy. I liked Will and Dallas together. They clearly had chemistry, and the question wasn’t if they’d get together, just when and how. I liked how they danced around each other, and when they finally acted on their attraction. I also liked that it didn’t resolve all their problems right away. There were some relationship angst, but it was mostly due to miscommunication. I did feel Will hung on to his resentment towards Dallas a bit too long. It was also the reason he acted badly to Dallas revealing his “secret”, Dallas being Stephen’s brother.


I read these two books back to back, and I can see some similarities in the build of the stories. Where #1 Tartan Candy was a slow build with the characters getting to know each other, and taking their time before the progressed their relationship, #2 Plaid versus Paisley was more high in passion and attraction, they both had the same build up to a big misunderstanding, or revealing, that led to the characters falling out. Then an apology and quick forgiveness, and everything wrapped up nicely in a rather short amount of time. I felt the writing was a bit better in this than the first book. There's still some repetition in the writing that irked me, but it was less of it in this book than the first one.


Even though Tartan Candy and Plaid versus Paisley have the same characters and setting, I do believe they can be read as standalone. Each book is about a different couple. I don't think you have to know the characters, strictly speaking, getting introduced to them in Tartan Candy, but I really recommend reading them in order to fully enjoy all these characters, and get the most out of these books.


Plaid versus Paisley was a nice sequel in the series. I have some minor niggles, like miscommunication, some of the scenes, some repetition, and how everything is worked out and wrapped up rather quickly, but I also enjoyed reading about Will and Dallas, the enemies turning in to lovers.