Gotta get my buns in order.


This post isn't book related, just a snippet from my real life this morning. So feel free to just skip this longish post, or stay and read why I'm always behind on my reviews (and reading).


My boys, 6 and 7, were going on a school trip today. First and second grade were walking to a picnic site, making a fire and grilling hot dogs. (For once) I had hot dogs in the fridge, but I didn't have the buns. Can't have hot dog without buns, right?



Gotta have the buns.


Hubby said he'd go to the store last night and get them, but he ended up gaming on his computer instead. Standing in only his underwear in our living room saying good night at 10.30, he remembered that he was supposed to get the buns.



So I said I'd go.


Gotta get the buns.


But I was kinda exhausted after being at the swimming pool with the boys (I'll get to that story in a minute), so I figured I'd run by the store on my way to school this morning instead. Waking up this morning, I realized that I didn't have my car, since we left it at the garage yesterday, so I had to get up in a hurry hoping I'd catch hubby before he drove to work. Luckily he hadn't left yet, so I borrowed his car and rushed to our local grocery store.


It opens at 7 am. I was there 7.05.

I was the only customer.

Buying hot dog buns.



I got the frikkin' buns!



Rushing home to hubby, so he could get his car to go to work, I helped the boys make their backpacks. They each had to bring a piece of wood for the fire, wrapped in a bag, their hot dogs and buns (yay!), water bottles, insulating seat pad, a sliced apple in a box, and cocoa.


Gotta make the cocoa.


Ha, now you're probably thinking I didn't have the cocoa and had to go to the store again, right? Wrong. I had the cocoa. I have two kinds of cocoa, actually, one to mix in water (hot chocolate cocoa) and one to mix in milk (chocolate milk). So I was heating the water to make hot chocolate cocoa to put in their thermoses, only the 7-year old piped up he didn't like the water mixing cocoa, he wanted the milk mixing kind.


Gotta have the chocolate milk cocoa AND the hot chocolate cocoa.



This is after I had heated the water to make both, right. So, fine! Milk mixing stupid chocolate it is. So out with the rest of the heated water in the casserole, in with the milk, made it and put it on his goddamn thermos.


Finally, got two right effing kinds of cocoa.



Then time for putting on clothes, and go to school. 15 minutes to the bell, and we had to walk, so hurry up! Kids do not know the meaning of hurry up FYI. 


Locking the door on my way out, I got a text, so I checked my phone. At the same time I noticed another text I got yesterday afternoon from a mom asking my 7-year old to come and visit her son. Since we were all going to the swimming pool I asked hubby to message her directly and see if her boy wanted to come with us, since I was in the middle of getting my 6 year old fed, changed clothes, and go to his gymnastic class on time. Hubby could bring the boy with him and our 7 year old, and we'd meet at the pool. Once at the pool, we met another boy from their class who was there with his father. 


Now, at 8.15 am the next day, looking at the text it dawned on me I had totally misread who the message was from. I had told hubby to text a totally different mom asking her boy to come with us to the pool, not the right mom texting me in the first place. 


Oh my frikkin buns!



Both mom's have the first name, similar to Mary and Mary Ann, and the boys are all in the same group of friends. In my rush, though, I mixed it up. The "wrong" boy did tag along, however. The boy and his father we met at the pool was the "right" boy, who probably went to the pool since his mother didn't get a reply from me about a visit, since I was busy getting hubby to text a totally different mom!




While walking to school, (no car, remember, since it was at the garage), giving myself the biggest mental facepalm, I texted the "right" mom apologizing for my mistake, saying it turned out alright in the end, though, since all the boys ended up meeting in the pool and had a great time.


Text sent, finally arriving to school, walking through the door to get inside, I ran into a girl classmate and her mom. Exchanging pleasantries about the cold weather and the slippery ice on the ground, as is custom, right, I said:


"So much ice, it'll be a challenge for the kids walking on their trip today."

She paled, and said.

"....trip? Was that today?? Fu--, shi-- I mean, darn, I totally forgot!"



She rushed home to get her girl's backpack.



I do hope she remembered the buns.


So yeah.


What was the name of the book I was reviewing again?





I'm trying to have my buns in order.

But mostly, I just wing it.